In addition to the project features, Avrupa Konutları is also differentiated by living conditions and the service manner is also kept in high in commercial units such as pools, landscaping areas, cafes, restaurants, hair salons, and markets, and in projects designed with the concept of 5-star holiday village.

Landscaping, cleaning, technical and security departments are established under the supervision of the apartment building administrations that are created during the transition phase from construction to settlement. The technical department assists homeowners in line with their needs during the settlement phase and also performs the maintenance of equipment in the common areas of the projects meticulously. The landscaping department maintains the concept designed by the architectural team and always keeps the projects green with the appropriate plant cultivation and maintenance. The cleaning department regularly performs cleaning of both blocks and common areas, and the security team provides 24/7 security by using advanced technology.

These services, which ensure the quality of life, are provided in return for a low condo fee. Avrupa Konutları has been maintaining its low condo fee tradition in all its projects for years.

* Ticari ünitelerdeki çeşitlili her bir projede farklılık göstermektedir.

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