The Club House, which was launched under the structure of Atakent 1, the first project of the Avrupa Konutları, and became an ever-growing chain, has been serving residents of Avrupa Konutları in 5 locations which includes Atakent 2, Atakent 3, TEM and Tema İstanbul. The aim of the Club House, which is advantageous in many aspects with its equipment, service quality and price, is to get the residents of Avrupa Konutları to adopt the habit of doing physical exercise and to render sports to be regarded as a lifestyle.

Club Houses contain many activities and equipments suitable for both adults and children such as treadmills and cardio equipments, equipments for building all muscle groups in fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna and steam rooms, studio group lessons, squash courts, reformer pilates, and ballet studios, summer-winter sports schools for children and sports tournaments.

Club House, which has pioneered many national and international organizations and achieved significant success, has recently started training in Karate and Taekwondo branches by its expert trainers in order to train the licensed athletes of the future under the umbrella of Avrupa Konutları. In this way, the young and child residents of Avrupa Konutları can participate in the competitions and will be able to take firm steps forward being a successful athlete throughout Turkey. The principal problem in raising an athlete in Turkey arises from the decrease in productivity of children and young people due to the long distance among the triangle of home, school, and sports club. This problem also negatively affects parents. We believe that we will be beneficial to young people and children participating these sports branches in our facilities by providing this service to them in their own living area. Furthermore, we will commence the athlete training activities for Squash branch. We invite all of our residents to do sports and to have a healthy life in the long run.

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